The Reason

Dedicated Christians is here to help others by encouragement, prayers, knowledge of the Bible, and other findings about our faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.
DEDICATED stands for:
Discover, and determine tons of knowledge about the Bible and our faith.
Evangelize, to help spread the good news about the Lord, Jesus Christ.
Delegate, potential posts given to young Christians to write, or instructions to encourage a relationship with God.
Inform, teach, encourage and help others by telling about our findings in the Word, and our faith.
Communication, the ability for a safe place for Christians to talk to one another.
Adoration, to pray for others, and worship the Lord in all our work.
Teach, not only about what the Bible says, but about how the sins of this world are effecting us and how we are dealing with them.
Emend, help those who are struggling in their faith by encouragement, prayer, and friendship.
Die, we need to teach others to die to their flesh, and give themselves "wholly" unto God.

So, we are Dedicated to do all these things. One of my prayers is that this blog WILL be all these things and, God willing, much more!