Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Review 1

Recently I got to review a book called Night of the Living Dead Christian.

This book was a fictional story, based on Zombies, Werewolves, and Vampires. I normally don't read books like these, and I hate what these three "figures" do...

However, this was labeled as a Christian book, and I thought I would read it. I tried keeping an open mind, not letting my personal knowledge/feelings interfere with this book in anyway.

So, to start us out, I will explain what I thought of the book.

First of all, I thought it was very immature. The writing was kind of poorly written, and I thought I was reading a children's book. The "adult" in this story was especially immature, and made several remarks/statements that disturbed me because of his age.

Also, the book had zombies, vampire, and werewolves....I don't like these figures at all, however they did play out an "important" part in the book, which I will explain later.

Also, the values of a Christian were mixed up...such like the "adult Christian" using a Message Bible, just to make the bible to read more interesting...the Adult Christian (main character in the book) was also extremely immature in his Christian faith, I myself am immature as well, but this character in the book, played out a role where he was helping a werewolf turn to Christ, but didn't even have any knowledge of how to become a Christian. All the "adult christian" was, "Go to church."

This book is all about how everyone has sins, and those sins resemble the creatures such as vampires, zombies or werewolves. Vampires are lustful and prideful, zombies follow anyone who tells them to do something even if it is wrong, and werewolves are rebellious, angry, and abusive. The author was pretty much stating that everyone who did not die for Christ, is one of these creatures. Which is something I do understand and believe. I was a "monster" as well, before I turned to Christ. This was the only highlight of this book for me.

The werewolf is taught how to receive Christ, by Jesus actually appearing to him in a burning building. Jesus asked him if he wanted to believe in Him, and than proceeded to tear off the werewolf's skin and face, revealing the true "human" he was.

I do understand the author was trying to preach a message to the unsaved people of this World...however I was not told this, and I thought it was for Christians as well. This book lacks good information about how to become a Christian, and it lacks the mature content it needs for older readers.

However, Thank you Tyndale Publishers and Matt Mikalatos for letting me review this book. Although my review may seem negative, I enjoyed reading another person's view point of the Christian faith, and how to enter into the Lord's kingdom.

God bless!!!


Matthew said...

Thank you for the review, Josiah, I appreciate you taking the time to do this. Though I have not read the book, I agree with what you are saying and will probably not be adding this book to my shelf.


Josiah said...

Thanks Matthew! It was a interesting book, and I learned more about how those "figures" can lead people astray from the faith.

Thanks for reading!
God bless,