Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hitler, God, and the Bible

I was ecstatic when I saw our local library attained a Ray Comfort book, and even more excited when I saw which one it was.  Hitler, God and the Bible is the sequel to the movie "180" that talks about abortion. 

Comfort starts this book with the birth of Hitler, and proceeds to give a biography of his life, all the way up through the holocaust.  Through reading about Hitler's hard life, it gives you a more personal look at this man and the way he thought.  All of these culminated into turning him into the man we know him as.  

After fully learning about the history of Hitler, Ray tackles whether or not Hitler was a Christian during WW2.  He takes this topic and proves his point beyond a shadow of a doubt... showing that Hitler had not repented and put his trust in the Savior.  Ending this section of the book, he gives a clear gospel message.

He ends with a chapter on the modern day holocaust in our own America... abortion.  The thousands of babies murdered is horrible, just like the holocaust.  He compares the two and how alike they really are.  

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I would like to say that this book should only be read by mature readers.  As you may imagine, with in depth information on the holocaust, abortion, and other topics, a young reader should consult his/her parents before reading it.   


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