Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's needs to be God

Have you ever heard a song that was cool, but didn't really mean that much to you at that time? Have you ever hear that song again, in a different time in your life, and it seems to totally change it? That has just happened to me! I have been very frustrated lately about my inability to be "good" at sharing the gospel with people for three reasons. First of all, I am a fifteen year old girl! its not like I can (or should) go out and witness to the homeless man on the street corner. Number two, when ever I get the chance, it seems like I get flustered and do a bad job. And number three, I am afraid that that person will think that Christians are all "weird" like me and be closed minded about it all. So I usually just skip it, and hope that someone who is better at it will get the chance! But recently I feel like God has been teaching me to "get out of my comfort zone", and do the right thing, whether it is "good" or "comfortable" or "easy". Which is, as you can probably tell, really stretching for me! Now, here is the story I have to tell...

...The other day, I was given an opportunity to talk to a girl about what I believe, who Christ is in me, and how He has changed my life. She was full of questions, some of which I couldn't answer! It was really a challenge for me. I mean, I had trusted, and obeyed God! Why didn't He help answer her (and my) questions? I felt like a fool! I started to pray and ask God for direction, wisdom, and the words to answer her questions. I asked several people that I trusted how they would answer her! I was very blessed to be given so much help (especially one person) to answer the questions, and clear up my mind. Sometimes, you just need to hear the truth, even if you already "know" it. But I still had the excuse that I didn't have the "confidence" and "resolve" to talk to her ( what a LAME excuse, I was almost to embarrassed to tell you guys)! But God gave me grace, and a song. ;D

For me, as you can see, it was my pride that needed to be changed. I needed my mindset of "I can't do this" to " God can, and is doing this THROUGH me". But I realized it is not me, its HIM, and ONLY HIM that can truly answer, forgive, and live in her.
Thank you for reading, and God bless,

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Josiah said...

THANKS for sharing!! :D I love how you witness to her, that takes a lot of courage, and for me personally I have trouble talking with people. :P I'm just a big shy guy.

Awesome post! God bless,