Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Lead Me"

It is no secret that families are struggling. Our culture is trying to tear away the man, and now the woman, from the home. This song is a beautiful portrayal of what a family should be.

This song has empowered husbands and wives to change their lifestyle and be more family oriented, and base their family on Christ. And you are probably saying, "this is a great song, Matthew, but with no application for us young adults." I could not disagree more.

Most of us (unless the Lord leads otherwise) will get married and have a family. Now that may seem far away, but it really isn't. This song should inspire us to start out right. As we consider future jobs and our role in our future home, focus on how these concepts will apply in your family.

A lot of us, I am sure, have starry visions of having a family one day. We think it is all going to be, "living on love" and we will not have any problems. Though some days I still believe that, through knowing different couples, I see that is not always the case. I have also seen that it is impossible for anyone to work through it without Christ as the head.

(I now I'm covering a lot of topics). The best time to start building your life on Jesus Christ is right now. Instead of thinking you can wait until you are older to dedicate your life to the Lord, do it now... Especially now. Now that you are unmarried, you can spend more time learning and growing in Christ.

I know, I covered quite a lot of topics. But I hope you will ponder them deeply and see how you will apply them to your life.


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Stephy S. said...

Amen! You are so right. I've never looked at it this way.
Thanks for sharing!