Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book Review 4

The Evidence Bible is New King James Version with commentary from Ray Comfort!

Ray Comfort is known for his ministry, Living Waters, that is dedicated in helping and encouraging Christians to evangelize with others and share the faith. Living Waters has many resources such as Bible tracts, Informational CD's, excellent videos and many more resources that help everyone share their faith to others.

The most recent book I purchased from their ministry is the Evidence Bible. It's just a normal bible, with a hardcover case and paper. However there is commentary from Ray Comfort throughout the Bible to help you explain certain parts of the Bible better while evangelizing.

To better explain this, let me give you a small example.

Lets say your evangelizing to someone and they ask you one of these following questions that are hard for most Christians (such as myself) to give an accurate, perfect answer. I will also provide a little argument people may have when asking these questions in ( ) .

1. Where did Cain get his wife? (There must have been aliens or other people if Cain had a wife...)
2. How did God create the whole earth in 6 days???
3. How could all the animals fit on the Ark? (It must not have happened...)
4. Did God really wipe out the whole earth? If so, how could He be so evil?? (If he is such a loving God, how can he kill those people like that?)
5. How many angels were at the tomb? ( 1 or 2? )
6. What gender are angels?

These are only some of the questions provided in the book, each one has an detailed answer to give to them, or even to yourself if you want to know why God wiped out the whole earth.

It also has commentary and explains what you should say if someone asks you questions like: "Have you ever lusted?" It also shares how to witness to someone who belongs to a different denomination but isn't trusting in the Savior or following the commandments.

Also provided is awesome quotes from popular and respected men from the past, such as: Patrick Henry, C. S. Lewis, and many others...

One of my favorite quotes is from Oswald S. Smith, "No one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard it once."

This is an excellent book, not only because it's the Bible, but also because it gives good answers and helpful information to those who want to evangelize but don't know what to say to someone when they ask a tough question.

I am not quite ready to evangelize like Ray Comfort or any of the other members from Living Waters, however, with the help from this book, the Holy Spirit and my relationship with God, I hopefully will begin someday.

Thanks for reading!
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Lady Victoria said...

Yeah for Ray Comfort! I love watching his show and reading his material, it is always so encouraging and enabling. I always figured I was the only one who knew about Ray as every Christian I meet has never heard about him. Thanks for the review!