Saturday, January 28, 2012

Role Models

I have been thinking a lot about role models, especially in the areas of who your examples are compared to who they should be. Without meaning to, I have written several different things on this topic. Today I would like to try combining all those things.

I would like to start by asking you this question:

Who are the role models in your lives?

Let me give you a few ideas...singers, movie stars, friends, pastors, dancers, your boss, etc. You've got them for sure. Do you see any role models that ring true in your lives? For me personally, I have made some friends my role models and sometimes people that star in movies. I want to now proceed to ask you another question.


That simple question is really hard for me personally to answer. When you think about it, you may come up with reasons like, "he's popular," "she is really pretty," or "I like his boots." I want you to stop reading for a moment. Now really evaluate the reasons you like those people. Let's move on to the third question.

Should these people really be your role models?

This is a difficult question and when I answer it for myself, a person comes to mind. I hold him up as an role model just because he is cool. He is popular and people like him, therefore I want to be like that. My point being that a lot of times you are following a person for the wrong reasons.

Before, when I was following that person (last paragraph) he was not a very mature Christian, still young and not caring much about God or his faith (things have changed now and he is growing). He should not have been my role model as he was not living a lifestyle where God was always the center.

Now for those of you whose role models are Godly men and women that are strong in the faith, that is a good thing, but it is not the best example you can have.

Go again through the question posted above, find out where you have fallen short in this area. After that take a look at the following verse, which I am sure we all know, from Exodus 20:3:

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Now, you probably think of idols as statues that you worship instead of God. You may even think of idols as television, iPod's, or even things like food. But have you ever thought your role models can be your idols? Just think of the name of one of the most popular shows in America, American Idol. The winners of that show are idols to millions of people. They watch them, talk like them, dress like them, etc. And a lot of those people are not people we should follow. They are idols in our lives. Even your friends (like the one mentioned above) can become idols, people that are higher in your life than the Lord Jesus.

The Bible says, "let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:5)." Our example in life should be first and foremost the Lord Jesus Christ! He is the perfect role model that never fails or leaves us. We must follow Him first.

Though Jesus should be your highest example, He should not necessarily be your only role model. As mentioned above, pick Godly men and women that are strong in the faith.

So this post is meant as a challenge, when you went through those questions, you hopefully identified some bad role models, bad idols, that you are following. Then I hope you see what your highest role model should be and realize then who you should follow. I am challenging you to reevaluate, pray about it, and change your examples to ones that please the Lord.



Michael said...

Good job Matthew. Who is the 'aforementioned role model' you were referring to?

Matthew said...

Mr. Blanchard,
Sorry about that! I didn't make it clear I whom I was speaking of. I hope that it makes more sense now.
God Bless,

Michael said...

Thanks Matthew!